Sustainable development

Since 2017, Musique du Bout du Monde has been recognized by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec as part of the responsible event management certification (BNQ 9700-253).

In 2023, we continued to make efforts to minimize our ecological footprint and maintained at level 2 (out of 5) of this certification. In order to enshrine the principles behind this certification in our long-term practices, the Board of Directors adopted a sustainable development policy in June 2022 with the support of the Société d'aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) de Gaspé. Thus, after making a diagnosis of our organizational practices in terms of sustainable development, we adopted a policy that targets 9 specific objectives related to various issues related to our organization:

- Governance - Economic
- Environmental - Social

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Our highlights


Musique du Bout du Monde has established a Volunteer Development Directorate to establish practical standards. Crucial for the proper functioning of the organization, the creation of this new position has made it possible to initiate a consolidation of the policy of recognition, value and economic impact of volunteering, the volunteer guide and the specifications. More than 250 volunteers for more than 2,500 hours of volunteering are committed each year, filling more than 100% of the positions needed to hold our events.


For the 2022 edition, here are some of the actions we have taken to minimize our carbon footprint:
- Directly offsetting the emission of 7,685 km of CO2 by planting trees, in collaboration with the SARGIM;
- Setting up a public transport offer Free and a carpooling incentive platform specifically tailored to festival-goers' needs.

During the same year, we maintained the decrease in the number of recyclable materials produced thanks to these actions:
• Public supply of drinking water and end of the sale of plastic water bottles at all our main sites;
• Substitution of the sale of bottled beers in favor of cans and use of ecocups in collaboration with the SAQ, thus eliminating 100% the distribution of plastic cups for the sale of beverages;
• Maintenance of a team dedicated to waste management and environmental awareness (La Brigade Verte).

For the 2023 edition, we revised the quantitative method in order to have a more meaningful indicator by calculating the weight of residual materials landfilled per person rather than the percentage of residual materials saved from landfill. The objective of generating eight grams of residual material landfilled per person/day was not achieved, as we ended up with twenty-five grams per person/day. For 2024, we intend to redouble our efforts, in particular by better managing the sorting of residual materials and setting a more realistic target.


Local and regional suppliers make up the vast majority of our suppliers; 85% are within 100 km. Musique du Bout du Monde has partnered with many businesses and organizations in the Greater Gaspé area to create the Notre Bout du Monde series, a series of shows that, in addition to showcasing the talent of emerging musicians, offers significant visibility to the partners who participate. This series also promotes the influence of the entire territory.


The quality of the experience of the volunteers and staff who work on our event is a priority for the organization. In the current context of labour shortage and recruitment difficulties specific to the cultural field, we are particularly proud to note that our efforts to retain staff have paid off.

Fabrics revalorization project

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