Craftsman & Shopkeeper

Applications to host a booth at the Musique du Bout du Monde 2024 Festival are now closed. *It is still possible that spaces for the 2024 edition may become available, please contact us directly by email at [email protected].

For further information, please consult the Guide des artisan-e-s et commerçant-e-s 2024 and fill in the form below to inform us of your interest in taking part in FMBM in August 2025. We will then send you the complete application form in spring 2025.

*Due to the large number of requests, the festival has to accept a limited number of craftsmen and women.

If you have any questions:

Photo: Roger Saint-Laurent

Artisan and merchant interest 2025

Thank you for your interest in hosting an artisan/vendor booth at the Musique du Bout du Monde 2025 Festival. We will send you the official registration form in spring 2025.