About us

We are a social economy enterprise born from the first edition of the Festival Musique du Bout du Monde (FMBM) in 2003. We offer diversified activities year-round and we organize several events in the Grand Gaspé area. With 18 years of production and distribution, we are now an important cultural force on the Gaspé Peninsula and a reference for the entire region.

The purpose of Musique du Bout du Monde

To diversify the regional music scene through a variety of events that celebrate cultural diversity through music and other mediums.

The Festival 

The Festival Musique du Bout du Monde (FMBM) is the main event of our organization and has been a must-see event for thousands of Gaspesians and visitors since its creation.

Every summer, for four days in August, the majestic Gaspesian landscapes become the scene of meetings and rich discoveries in a festive atmosphere.

Community implications 

Musique du Bout du Monde puts its expertise to work for the community by providing support for logistical coordination, artistic direction or by sharing strategic advice for the organization of several events. (La Bordée, Noël du Bout du Monde, Terrasses du Bout du Monde, the TDLG, the Santa Claus Parade, the Bouffée d'Énergie musical training sessions, etc.)

In addition, capital assets acquired by the organization are available to local partners at low cost to support various initiatives that are related to our mission and have a collective impact.

Sunrise show 

Sold out for many years, this show inaugurated in 2010 is now a true icon of the Festival. The Sunrise show at Cap-Bon-Ami, in Forillon National Park, offers an unparalleled experience to festival-goers as the first light of dawn turns the cliffs of Cap-Bon-Ami pink and the sun rises over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Natural amphitheater at the top of Mount Bechervaise

Newly built at the top of Mont-Béchervaise in 2021, a few minutes from downtown Gaspé, this site offers a simply breathtaking view of Gaspé Bay and the Forillon Peninsula. The artistic proposals presented on this stage are perfectly matched to its incredible decor. Festival-goers can take advantage of a ski lift to reach the summit.

Desjardins Evenings 

Musique du Bout du Monde promotes local talent and organizes Desjardins evenings every summer in collaboration with a multitude of partners. These free events take place close to the living environment of the citizens of the Grand Gaspé.

Sustainable development

In 2022, Musique du Bout du Monde has adopted a sustainable development policy that aspires to make our organization a model in terms of economic, social and environmental responsibility.

In 2022, Musique du Bout du Monde moved from Level 1 to Level 2 in the LEG Responsible Event Management Certification (BNQ 9700-253).