FogoRasto - Anachronistic Travelers

Founded in 2006, FogoRasto is a company of fire dancers. Composed of four artists, each with between 20 and 23 years' experience in fire manipulation, FogoRasto produces theatrical shows backed by a technical level unmatched in Quebec City.

The combined talents of each artist produced creations incorporating a wide range of disciplines including dance, acrobatics, theater, visual arts, juggling, singing and martial arts.

Voyageurs Anachroniques
The Fogo Rasto circus company presents a tour entitled Voyageurs Anachroniques. Three curious explorers aim to master the technology of universal communication. To do so, they juggle objects such as skittles, crystal balls and hula hoops. An extravagant, enigmatic and bewitching atmosphere surrounds their presence. Agility, precision and wacky dialogue are the order of the day. They use the language of another world, but are fascinated by yours! They dither between past and future, only to find themselves in the present. Let yourself be transported into the fascinating world of the Anachronistic Travelers. They'll take you on a journey into the unexpected.