Hansom Ēli

Hansom Ēli is a Montreal-based duo formed in 2019 by brothers Camille and Alexy Guérer. While Camille mainly writes the lyrics and sings, her brother, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, takes care of the melodies that go well with his sister's sensibility. Playing with folk, R&B, funk and indie-pop sounds to create their musical signature, the latter comes close to the music of Feist and Christine and The Queens.

Born in Ottawa to French-speaking Quebecois parents, the group sings in French as well as English, and sometimes even tries their hand at Spanish. The duo writes by improvising until they find the right words. That's how they came up with their name "Hansom Ēli", inspired by the concept of gender binarity. By analyzing the English word handsome, which is normally used for men and never for women, the duo decided to make it non-gendered and make it their own.

Summer and winter alike, Camille and Alexy get around by bike and adopt a lifestyle based on conservation and protection of nature, ecology, healthy eating, etc. These passions and values are reflected in every facet of their lifestyle. These passions and values are reflected in every facet of their lifestyle, including music, where Camille is seen criss-crossing the roads of Quebec and beyond by bike: Summer Rise, Monet, Voyageur.