The "Queen of loops" will be offering the public a unique performance at the big top on Friday, August 9!

Mihirangi creates the sound of his own band live in front of his audience, using a loop pedal. The key to his music is the layering of his vocal sounds. From earth-shaking bass lines to complex harmonies, ska rhythms, sultry jazzy riffs and beat boxing, it's all done with the power of his voice, an incredible vocal range and an exceptional talent for timing, rhythm and dynamic tonality. Singing in both Te Reo Maori and English, Mihirangi is a multi-instrumentalist who also plays percussion, keyboards, guitar and Tonga Puoro (traditional Maori instruments).

Once you've witnessed her live looping show, you'll be captivated by her organic, earthy presence, as well as her breathtaking vocal performance. It's no wonder she's been dubbed the Queen of Loops.

Her track record is impressive: she has toured the world for seven years, performing at over 50 international festivals. In 2012, she was even a finalist on New Zealand's Got Talent, impressing judges and audiences alike with her exceptional skills. With her unique musical vision and harmonious blend of cultural influences, Mihirangi is an artist who attracts attention for all the right reasons.