Orquesta Psicotrópika & Alex Paquette

Le Centre culturel Le Griffon invites you to a sensational luncheon/show on August 11, featuring some exceptionally talented performers!

On one side, discover Orquesta Psicotrópika, a Chilean band from the vibrant neighborhoods of Valparaiso. With nine years' experience and over 200 concerts to their credit, their dynamic music skilfully blends ska, cumbia, rock, reggae and a touch of circus and trance, transporting you into a whirlwind of sensations that will encourage you to dance.

On the other side, plunge into the unique musical universe of Alex Paquette, representative of Nordic Reggae-ska. This original fusion of northern influences and southern rhythms takes you on a sonic journey where local languages mingle with universal messages.

Join us at Centre culturel Le Griffon on August 11 for a memorable musical experience!