Diogo Ramos

Diogo Ramos is a singer-songwriter from Sao Paolo, Brazil. His music follows in the long tradition of popular Brazilian chansonniers. Having studied music, especially guitar, since the age of 13, he has been working professionally for 25 years as a music producer, completing 20 albums between composition and production.

In 2023, he releases his new album Cabaça, a danceable blend of electro-samba-funk!

Cabaça is a blend of samba funk and electronic hip-hop, interweaving lyrics in Portuguese, French and Haitian Creole to make you dance to the flavors of the beach and modern urbanity. The Raro Efeito EP is a musical political act and a tribute to the influence of artistic multiculturalism in Montreal.

The project was created thanks to the collaboration between Diogo Ramos and director Boogát. Brass arrangements were recorded in Brazil by João Lenhari, Cuca Ferreira (Bixiga 70) and Douglas Antunes (Bixiga 70). The vocal arrangements were made by Bianca Rocha and Flavia Nascimento. The mix was produced by Jean Massicotte in Canada and Andrés Oddone in Mexico. Special guests: Bïa and Imposs in the song Samba do Boncy and Boogát in the song Sua Mão Direita.

This music was composed and produced during the 2020/2021 pandemic, in the hope of a civilization full of music and peace.