FogoRasto - Cabaret Chats Noirs fire show

Founded in 2006, FogoRasto is a company of fire dancers. Composed of four artists, each with between 20 and 23 years' experience in fire manipulation, FogoRasto produces theatrical shows backed by a technical level unmatched in Quebec City.

The combined talents of each artist produced creations incorporating a wide range of disciplines including dance, acrobatics, theater, visual arts, juggling, singing and martial arts.

Cabaret Chats Noirs fire show
A dark alley on a full-moon evening. A lighter ignites and lights a cigar. A gramophone squeaks out a bewitching Charleston. Top hats and suspenders enter the dance floor: Welcome! You're at Cabaret Chats Noirs and your evening, in truth, is just beginning. In this daring and chic comic-strip, FogoRasto reveals the world of ruthless gangsters and fatal beauties of the late 19th century. Artifices and secret objects in a crook's suitcase, jacket or sleeve await you along the way.

Once again, FogoRasto breaks new ground with an innovative concept. A flurry of pyrotechnic elements and costumes conceal many mysteries in a breathtaking staging...A must-see for the whole family!