KIZABA, Montreal-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and pioneer of Afro-Congolese electro music, has blazed a unique musical trail that takes his vast international audience into his Afrofuturistic universe. With a fusion of French, English, Kikongo and Lingala, his compositions transcend linguistic barriers. His album "Kizavibe" received multiple Juno nominations in 2024 for World Music Album of the Year, other awards include Dynastie International Artist or Music Group of the Year, Dynastie World Music Artist or Group of the Year, Dynastie Francophone Music Artist or Group of the Year, and Gamiq and ALBUM/EP WORLD. Drawing inspiration from his Congolese upbringing, Kizaba's shows feature a diverse musical style. He skilfully interweaves ancestral vocalizations with the vibrant sounds of soukous-Congolese and Afrobeat, imbued with a philosophy.