Marco Calliari

Quebec-born Italian singer Marco Calliari has had a unique musical trajectory. Influenced by the Italian opera of his childhood, he turned to heavy metal in his teens and co-founded the group Anonymus. After a fruitful period with the group, he embarked on a solo career with the festive album "Che La Vita", followed by the success of "Mia Dolce Vita". Marco then explored gypsy jazz and world music with "Al Faro Est". His energy and festive style earned him international tours, notably in the United States. He revisits Quebec hits in Italian with "Mi Ricordo" and surprises with the moving "One Night" project. Involved in his community, he is a spokesperson for various events and organizations. In 2019, he celebrates 30 years in the music business with the album "Calliari Bang! Bang". His energy will be on display on the Brise-Bise stage on August 9 at 11:30pm.