The "Les Batucadas du Bout du Monde" project, deployed for the 20th edition of the festival, celebrates the long-awaited return of local Brazilian percussion group Kilombo. Active for over 15 years in the Gaspé community, Kilombo was temporarily disbanded due to pandemic-related constraints.

The story of Kilombo goes back to 2004, when a spark was lit at the first edition of FMBM when a batucada performed there. This encounter inspired the creation of Kilombo. Driven by an exceptional drive for artistic development, Kilombo has made its mark on the Gaspésie music scene.

Kilombo's return for the anniversary edition of the festival is generating considerable mobilization within the Gaspé community. The event symbolizes not only the band's rebirth after a difficult period, but also a renewed commitment to music and culture in the region. Kilombo's return heralds an exciting new chapter for the local music scene.