Proud and involved Gaspesians

Too much noise, too loud, too many people, not enough money, no parking, too many facilities...

You know those classic phrases we hear on many occasions at festivals. All reasons are good to hate an event that takes place in our neighborhood. In Gaspé, this weekend, I saw something different that reminded me of my youth. You know, the time when there was an event, the whole city was there and your aunt reserved a table at the spaghetti dinner and the Knights of Columbus breakfast. You know, the days when we talked to each other and worked together.

Be part of the success

Here, I talked with entrepreneurs who lend their trailers, their arms (yes, for free!), merchants who collaborate in the programming. I met 250 citizens who volunteer and are proud to wear the FBMB t-shirt. I saw house fronts decorated for the occasion, I saw flexible and enthusiastic police officers and a hotelier making 10 phone calls to find a room for a visitor at 11pm. I have seen drivers let many passers-by pass with a smile on their face rather than blaspheme the priest's dishes at the detours and slowdowns.

I've seen people take ownership of a great party and put in the work to make it a success.

The locals have seen the festival grow in every detail for the past 14 years and it looks just like them. Instead of criticizing, it seems that in Gaspé, they have decided to get involved, because when you are part of the success, it is so much easier to smile!

Jean-Nicolas Perron